Preparation and submission of declarations to the Ministry of Taxes for payers of simplified tax (2%)

Professional compiling of declarations.

Drawing up tax returns is a process that requires a professional approach. According to the regulations of the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, there are several forms of taxation for commercial entities. One of them is a simplified tax rate, the size of which is today 2%. Many organizations - legal forms of business, including Individual Enterprise, do not include qualified accountants in the staff and fill in the declarations themselves. This can lead to definitely greater penalties: the first time an incorrectly filled document is sent for revision, then there is a delay in delivery and a penalty.

Our company is aware of the problem of businessmen reporting to state bodies and provides the service of compiling and submitting declarations in ministry of taxes for simplified tax payers (2%). The procedure includes: examination of the applicant's accounting records, filling in all necessary reports, sending a package of declarations to the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

If necessary, free correction of the data is conducted.

For Individual Entrepreneurs, the service is made at a minimum cost.