Re-registration of the company

Re-registration of the company

When re-registration of the company is required?

One of the important conditions for successful conduct of business, in particular in “LLC” (Limited Liability Company), is compliance of the incorporation documentation with with the law. The basis for conduct of the procedure of re-registration of the company is to protect the interests of the owner of the company in order to prevent attempts to encroach on the share of property by third parties.

The process of re-registration of a company in Baku is necessary to bring the statutory documents in line with the new law. The reason for conduct of the procedure can be the follows:

- Change of the incorporator of "LLC" or the emergence of a new claimant for a leadership position;
- in case of change of the legal address of the company (change of the wording in the name);
- in case of detection of serious mistakes in the incorporation documents;
- after the termination of the activity of a legal entity or a change in the conditions specified in the contract.

The level of difficulty in re-registration of a company depends on several factors. Often the procedure is carried out in connection with the change of the name of the company, the legal address of the company or the new claimant for the position of director. Difficulties may arise during the reorganization of "LLC" or the discovery of defects in the statutory documents. After the entry into force of the new law, the re-registration of the company in Baku should be conducted through purchase / sale of the company's share in the notary. In this case, the owner will protect himself against illegal takeover.