Drafting contracts

A contract is an official document that reflects the terms of cooperation or relationship between the two parties. Drawing up of contracts is made independently or by means of the special company. We offer our clients our services and guarantee full legal literacy, as well as confidentiality of the information provided.

When is the service necessary?

  1. In the case of drawing up marriage contracts. Modern marriages often break up on the basis of incorrect division of responsibilities, financial component and so on. Having a contract can help avoid divorce.
  2. When drafting a business contract. Not every firm can maintain a staff of lawyers to verify the correctness of the document from a legal point of view. Outsourcing service will help not only to properly draw up a document, but also save money on hiring staff.
  3. In case of doubt. If it seems to you that the terms of the contract are not in your favor, contact us, and we will find out whether this is so or not.

All questions and requests are accepted by phone and online form on the pages of the site.