Accounting services

The use of external consulting company (outsourcing) by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (IE) is in demand all over the world, this approach has many advantages. Purchase of accounting services from us will cost much less than the payment for one or several full-time accountants.

Convenience and mobility.
An error in the accounting department can be costly, even experts with extensive experience are not insured against them. Dependence on the labor of one person leads to the risk of such errors, which can lead to large fines, lawsuits and even liquidation of the firm.

Using "ABC Consulting" services reduces such risks to a minimum. In the work process, we have a stage of additional verification, so we will try to avoid even minor shortcomings. We also have the principle of interchangeability.

We provide services for 12 months a year, without interruption.

Profitable conditions
For our clients, we provide advice on all issues of tax consulting, this service is provided FREE OF CHARGE.

We also offer our potential clients a month of free service before signing the contract. This trial period will allow you to appreciate all advantages of accounting services from our company.