Customs Clearance Procedure of Goods

Customs clearance of goods - the procedure, also called customs clearance, is mandatory for all consignments crossing the border of the country.

What it is
Customs clearance of goods and payment of duties - all this refers to the procedure of customs clearance or customs clearance of goods. Such services are provided by the customs broker or representative. This person is considered an agent authorized to carry out various customs procedures on behalf of his customer.

How is the procedure implemented
During customs clearance, the declarant or his agent, when exporting or importing goods, transfers to the customs officer all documents and information about the goods. For successful passage of customs control, you must pay all import customs duties, taxes and fees.
There are some nuances of customs clearance of goods. Customs import payments are: duty, payment of VAT, customs duties and excise taxes. Export payments include: export duties, as well as customs duties.

Companies that constantly import and export products outside the country lose a lot of time in the preparation of customs documents. That is why it is strongly recommended to refer to the services of third-party, outsourcing firms. Such firms offer the services of an experienced professional customs broker who has a certificate to perform such work for a decent, acceptable payment.

Why we
We provide detailed advice to our customers on all matters of customs clearance, preparation of declarations for products. We will help individuals in the customs clearance of vehicles. With our help, clients receive the status of “Green Corridor”, which gives the right to receive the most favorable conditions for customs clearance of goods. We will find only the most optimal solution that helps to carry out customs clearance of goods in a short time.