Liquidation of the enterprise

Liquidation of an entity is a procedure according to which the company's activities are terminated. Also, the process prohibits the transfer of property right of the business to third parties. Liquidation of entities is carried out on voluntary basis or in judicial order.This is a complex process involving both the execution of documents and the payment of all duties and taxes. Even experienced businessmen cannot deal with this alone.

Reasons for liquidation of the company:

  1. Termination of activities on voluntary basis is carried out by the agreement of the incorporators (participants), beneficiaries or shareholders of the company.
  2. The process can be applied due to the expiration of the period for which the entity was established.
  3. The liquidation is made due to the achievement of the purpose for which the organization was incorporated.
  4. Termination of activities is carried out on the basis of the regulations of the Civil Code of Russia.
  5. In court, the procedure is carried out by the decision of the authorities of the Ministry of Taxes or on the basis of one or more articles of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  6. Another case of termination of activities - the company is declared bankrupt.

The liquidation of an entity begins with the placing an advertising in the newspaper and the appointment of the liquidation commission.

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