The concept of visa, category, objective and types

The concept of visa, category, objective and types

Visa-the country requires a visa in the order of the next foreigner to enter the country, the vizada specified in the stay in the country of temporary presence, during this period of border control points in the prescribed manner through the departure from the country legal basis is an official document.

Visas - diplomatic, official and ordinary, including-three categories.

2 types of foreigners and stateless persons arriving in the Republic of Azerbaijan-entry or transit visa is issued in the following order:

1. Entry visa - this type of visa is valid for one-time entry-exit up to 90 days.

- Once and for all (ordinary) entry visa-during this time in the country only once, the entrance-exit allows.
- Multiple entry visa-this type of visa is valid for up to 2 years. This visa person, in the appropriate time in the country of numerous entry-exit allows.

Vizada specified in the host country, the validity of the visa, the period during which are used. During this time, visas are not used, lose their force.

2. Or ikidəfəlik transit visa - to third countries going to foreigners and stateless persons through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to pass given. Transit visas are valid for up to 30 days in the host country, and the period of 5 days is set. Transit visas by air, water, rail and other means of transport, through the departure of the route and its time spent taking into account is served.

Foreigners and stateless persons, for the following purposes in the country, if in the ordinary category of entry visa, can obtain:

  • Practical
  • Science and education
  • labour
  • tourism
  • culture and sports
  • humanitarian
  • private visit
  • treatment

Only for official purposes, arrived in the country to persons of diplomatic or service category entry visa is issued.

Date of publication: 21.02.2019