Restoration of accounting

The legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan provides liability for managers of companies that do not provide timely reliable information about their activities to the Ministry of Taxes. Sometimes this happens unintentionally, when the accounting in the company is conducted wrongly. However, this does not relieve from responsibility.

In such situations it is necessary to conduct a restoration of accounting, during which all significant and minor violations in its conduct will be eliminated. The restoration service can be provided even if the accounting has not been conducted before, and the corresponding documentation is not available.

Characteristics of the service

"ABC Consulting" company will help to restore accounting, we guarantee a competent result, corresponding to the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. An additional advantage will be the optimization of taxation, a possible reduction in allocations to the budget.

Usually the work is carried out in several stages. Our services for the restoration of accounting include the following steps:

  1. Restoration of the information over the past periods (input or restoration of the information in 1С or other specialized software according to the primary documentation);
  2. Analysis, consultation on taxation and finalization to the required result;
  3. Redistribution of declarations and reports to tax and other state bodies, out-of-budget funds.

Order execution period
In each concrete case, the period for performing the service can vary significantly. This is influenced by the following factors:

  • the current state of the company`s accounting records;
  • number of areas of activity of the organization;
  • availability of foreign economic activity.

If the accounting in one form or another is present, the service will be executed in a shorter period. In the total absence of such activities, information will have to be collected for a long time, therefore it takes a long time. The company can work in several spheres at once, because of which the volume of documentation is appropriately increased. Restoration of accounting in such cases is associated with certain difficulties, which also affects the timing.

Experts of the company "ABC Consulting" will study all the features of a particular case, as a result of which an adequate cost of restoration of accounting will be charged. We carry out services in the accounting sphere in strict compliance with the requirements of the current legislation.

Our specialists are able to restore order in the most unpleasant and difficult situations. Preliminary consultations are free of charge.