Services on maintenance of personnel records (HR services)

Human Resources record keeping is one of the most problematic aspects of accounting in any production. The main problem is that most of the managers do not pay proper attention to this procedure, which ultimately leads to deplorable consequences. Incorrect management of personnel records leads to the imposition of penalties, the amount of which increases year after year. In particular, this applies to entities the structure of which was composed of foreign citizens.

Our Offer
We perform full maintenanceof personnel records. Cooperation with legal or natural entities is conducted on the basis of an agreement, which allows avoiding possible bureaucratic acrimonies. The services include the following operations:

  • Formation of personal files of employees.
  • Preparation of employment contracts and annexes, online registration and re-registration.
  • Formation of the staff schedule and schedules of holidays.
  • Drawing up orders and other documents of office record.
  • Automation of personnel processes in 1C.
  • Verification of personnel records for inspection
  • Writing procedures for the required personnel processes

The listed and other services for human resources record keeping are provided by our specialists. The order is carried out on the site or by phone of the manager.