Accounting services

Accounting services

The company "ABC Consulting" offers complete accounting support. The work is carried out on the basis of the contract, where the following details are clearly stated:

  • Start of service;
  • Term of the agreement;
  • rights and obligations of each party;
  • features of execution of the work (developed documents, deadlines for the creation of reports and payment documents);
  • terms of payment and penalties for non-compliance;
  • responsibility of the client and the contractor.

Also, the contract stipulates the list of services that a consulting company must perform. To add new services into the list, additional agreements must be concluded.

Provision of services to companies in different levels
We work with individual entrepreneurs (IE), micro and small-sized businesses. Micro businesses include companies with a staff of up to 10 people and small-sized businesses to an average of 11 to 50 people. Provision of consultation on taxation and other areas will not affect the increase in the cost of accounting services.

List of services offered

  • Processing of primary documents and their inclusion in the database of 1C software (the program is fully adapted to the laws of Azerbaijan, our clients are provided free of charge);
  • Processing of bank and payment documents;
  • Preparation of payrolls ;
  • Preparation of tax documents (declarations, reports);
  • Preparation of all types of declarations for the Ministry of Taxes (VAT, Withholding Tax, Tax on Accrued Wages);
  • Preparation of reports for the State Social Protection Fund and the State Statistics Committee;
  • Preparation of the firm's balance sheet;
  • Preparation of an annual declaration;
  • Preparation of various reports for management;
  • Drawing up and subsequent submission of reports to state bodies.